About Us

A proud member of the Mavam Group we are The Life Learning Academy.

Our overall aim is to facilitate growth, learning and development. To offer training and opportunities to learn in a variety of ways for everyone.

We provide learning that includes; skills for living, group and individual therapy, mandatory training for staff, online learning, social history, anti-discriminatory practice, emotional first aid and where people can share their personal knowledge and skills with others.

The three key elements of all that The Life Learning Academy offers are;

Compassion, Curiosity and Creativity.

What Makes Us Different

We focus on learning and acquiring knowledge and skills in a way that accommodates everyone. With everyone being able to learn and everyone able to share knowledge, wisdom and experience. We will look at areas of life and feelings that people struggle with from the perspective of learning. Self-learning and learning that feelings are normal and understandable in the context of our lives. That people with lived experience of trauma and life challenges can learn from one another and overcome and thrive. Therefore The LLA will ensure that lived experience and perspective will be incorporated into all that we do.

Contact Us

For more information on our services please contact:

Kieran Sturgess

T: 01473 487373 or M: 07712 408345

or email : kieran.sturgess@lifelearningacademy.co.uk

    Mavam Group Ltd trading as Life Learning Academy